Land Surveying Services in Sarasota

Whether you’re building a retail store, office building or church, land assessments and infrastructure planning are key components of a successful project. At Weber Engineering & Surveying, Inc., we help developers in Sarasota, FL plan out and prepare construction sites to mitigate risk and overcome obstacles.

  • Civil Engineering Services

    There’s more to building a structure than erecting walls. Site grading, drainage, sewer systems and much more need to be planned for before construction can begin. Through our site engineering services, Weber Engineering & Surveying, Inc. creates and implements conceptual and/or construction plans to ensure these infrastructure elements adhere to government regulations and do not pose environmental or safety hazards.

    Our civil engineering process involves the generation of site plans, including details for building areas, parking areas, drainage, grading, paving and sewer and water facilities. Then, we prepare construction permit applications and meet with government agencies as necessary to ensure permit approval.

    • Residential Subdivision Design
    • Septic System Design
    • Site Development Engineering and Permitting
    • Wastewater Collection Systems
    • Water Distribution Systems
  • Land Surveying Services

    Construction projects and property sales rely on accurate land data to ensure proper boundaries and regulation adherence. Our land surveying services provide reliable measurements for use in engineering, construction and real estate brokerage. Weber Engineering & Surveying, Inc. technicians use GPS and total station equipment that provide accurate and efficient surveying data right when you need it. We’re proud to offer a range of surveying services, including:

    • As-Built Surveys
    • Boundary Surveys
    • Condominium Surveys
    • Hydrographic Surveys
    • Mean High Water Line Surveys
    • Mortgage Surveys
    • Special Purposes Surveys
    • Spot Surveys
    • Stake Out Surveys
    • Topographic Surveys

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